Bestmed Multi Features

Built in features include:

  1. Flush valve with user adjustable flow rate
  2.  0-4 Liter High Quality Flow meter with built in Torque guard
  3. Anodized aluminum top Shelf (Optional Tray available)
  4. Cuff syringe holder built in
  5. High capacity CO2 absorber
  6. Pressure Gauge
  7. Pop-Off Valve for both Circuits
  8. Circuit end holders (prevents circuit from dragging on the ground)
  9. Customizable with any model vaporizer
  10. Breathing pressure alarm port included)
  11. Integrated Inspiration / Expiration Valves

Options available:

  • Breathing Pressure alarm (to prevent overpressure possibilities)
  • Emergency Oxygen supply system
  • Small Accessory draws
  • Momentary Pop-Off shut-off
Tray. Click to Enlarge Flow Meter. Click to Enlarge Flush Valve. Click to Enlarge Breathing Pressure Gauge.  Click to Enlarge APL Valve.  Click to Enlarge Breathing Circuit End Holders.  Click to Enlarge Integrated Inspiration/Expiration Valves.  Click to Enlarge Absorber Canister. Click to Enlarge Breathing Circuit Selector Switch. Click to enlarge